Comfort Guide

Great tips on how to ensure the shoe you have dreamed of will still be your favorite at the end of your wedding night. No one is happy when your feet hurt! Don't take another painful step! Walk this way toward comfort.

Killer Kushions add comfort and stability with a cushioned insole that is a must have for your bridal shoes or any shoe. Perfect for any style - from open-toes and sandals to that amazing platform pump that you know you will need extra support to dance the night away. With both arch support and heel support your toes won't scrunch or bunch... Killer Kushions work wonder to prevent your feet from sliding forward. Killer Kushions are available in blue and white. 

Heavenly Heelz make any shoe the perfect fit. Pads are specifically designed to prevent slipping in pumps and other shoes that have a closed heel cup. Have a problem area with rubbing? Cut the Heavenly Heelz to any size peel and stick... no more blisters!  If you’re looking for instant cushion and comfort, look no further. A bride and bridesmaid must have! 

Why settle when you can have it all? For non stop comfort step into the ultimate cushion kit. The Foot Petals Stiletto Stylist Kit will keep your feet perfectly cushioned all day. Kit is packed with Tip Toes, Heavenly Heelz, Strappy Strips, and Killer Kushions, and Haute Heelz. Don't forget the Sole Stopperz anti skid pads; we don't need anyone slipping on your BIG DAY! 

Straps are great until they start to rub and cause you discomfort. No more pain with the Strappy Strips shoe pads. Simply peel-and-stick the strips for all day cushion. Strappy Strips are perfect for the most barely-there shoes and are available in nude and white. 

No more slipping and sliding out of your high heels. Heels can make your toes bunch up and slide forward, not any longer with the Tip Toes shoe pads. This simple fix will have you standing in confidence all wedding long. Peel and stick under the ball of your foot for an instant fix...perfect for open toes! 

Sole Stopperz are easy to use! Simply peel, stick and walk with sheer confidence. Made of a slightly rough surface that will help protect your outer soles and prevents you from slipping on wet or slick surfaces. 

Don't walk down the aisle in agony... these simple steps will have you strutting all the way to I DO and the whole night through.