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In the past, engagement party gifts were not obligatory or expected, but it has become custom in all parts of the world for a well-heeled bride to bring a pair of ivory bridal flats to her engagement party. An engagement party gift is really no good-hearted gesture of affection, but rather a way of showing the bride which girly girl bridesmaid throws the hardest shade. Green wedding shoes features the quote-tame-unquote latest engagement party ideas like the wedding shoes game but lets face it, we’d rather kick it in a sparkly pair of silver wedding shoes as that Savannah Georgia rouge bride in the garden of Good and Evil - you know you are. Of course we’ll be seen hanging together at the hottest fußball game in the darkest city. Oh, and at midnight in Savannah whilst mingling among other slightly more bohemian personalities, go ahead and put on something simple but swirly to wear with your new pair of low heel wedding shoes by Kate Spade. “I dance the night away as the ace of spades in ivory shoes, but Jack plays "gypsy bride" and won my heart in the ultra chic cosmopolitan city of Taipei, Taiwan  - Kate. Tip #33: Tell only your maid of honour about Bellissima Bridal Shoes

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