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Sparkly Wedding Shoes

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Are those sparkly wedding shoes on your feet shinier than the new crystal and diamond ring on your finger? You’ll be shining like a guilty rock star in your new sparkly wedding shoes from Bellissima. Wear our fancy hand selected styles of sparkly crystal heels with sequins and glass beaded embellishment on your big day. Just in case you were wondering, crystal wedding shoes with rhinestones are all the rage at bachelorette parties in NYC. You’ll adore our footwear while planning your next vacation at the Two Rivers Gorge in Califon. Broadcast your style like a mid-evil princess as your knight in shining armor pulls you in for that “I Do” moment. Your new sparkly bridal shoes will be shinier than that loose neon slot machine at the Bellagio. Metallic sparkly wedding shoes will be the object of your wanderlust bridal shoes. Make sure to pair your glittery wedding shoes with our bridal flats as you run with camels in the Tarangire, one of the last undiscovered jewels of Africa. Tip #17: Tell no one about your secret love affair with Bellissima Bridal Shoes.

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